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Byodoji Online
A temple that heals the mind and body

Byodoji Temple

Shikoku 88 Pilgrimage
Temple No. 22

Byodoji Temple is a temple built by Kobo Daishi Kukai in 814 AD with the vow to "heal people's mental and physical illnesses equally".

After that, it became a pilgrimage site visited by people all over the world as the 22nd pilgrimage site of 88 places in Shikoku.

Please come and enjoy the benefits of Yakushi Nyorai, who is always on the lookout, and Kobo's Reisui, which is effective against all illnesses.

Since the Corona disaster, we have been working to provide religion and prayer online. Currently, the specially developed Añjali and online prayer system enable remote "free and natural prayer" that could not be experienced in actual worship. Please pray until you are satisfied, without worrying about anyone's eyes.

Remote worship 24/7 live


Byodoji is live-streaming the inside of the main hall 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in 4K image quality. Please worship the Buddha anytime, anywhere, wherever you want to worship. You will not be disturbed by other worshipers. (The live stream started on April 26, 2020 and has never been interrupted for a day. It is the longest and highest quality live stream among religious facilities in the world. March 10, 2022, according to our temple survey)

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You can see a list of pujas and events held at Byodoji Temple. Please use it as a reference for worship.

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