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Pray now and here.

Send your prayers, and please leave them to buddha.

The Buddha's mission is to release your suffering and give you pleasure.

With Añjali, you can pray to the buddha of Byodaiji Temple, right now and right there.

New way for prayer

Visualize, Remotely, Directly

This is a new religious style born out of live streaming

The prayers visualized in Añjali can be seen on YouTube, Twitch, Nico Nico Live, and TikTok Live.

Visualize Pray

Your Prayer will be visualized and delivered to the Buddha.

  • Your name and wish will visualize anonymously on the screen.
  • The prayer go into the Buddha after a while.
  • Your name and wish will appear only on the tablet in front of the main deity.

Directly reaching even at remote locations

You can deliver your prayers directly from anywhere.

  • You don't need to tell anyone about your wish.
  • Physical distance is not a problem. The buddha mind is right there.
  • More real than real.

Añjali is free,
The offerings (donations) are up to you.