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Erection of Bamboo Mandala
Light of Prayer


資材高騰で本年度予算を大幅に超過したため、本格的な構造物(竹曼荼羅荘厳塔)の建設は2024年夏頃になりました。それに伴い、サポート募集期間も同時期まで延長しています。 本年は仮の構造物を建設し2023年12月22日に開眼法会を行います。

In memory of the victims of the new infectious disease and praying for world peace, it has been decided to establish a bamboo mandala at Byodoji Temple.

The mechanism is simple. 1. First, cut the bamboo and create a bamboo panel of 10cm square. 2. Next, burn the lines of Sanskrit characters representing Buddha onto the panel surface with a laser printer. 3. When you drill holes along the lines in the same way as a bamboo lantern with an impact driver, a bamboo lantern of Buddha is completed.

When you make this for each Buddha of the mandala and combine them, a huge mandala of 6m in height and 6m in width is completed.

If illuminated from the back with LEDs, it is a mandala of bamboo and light where the world of Buddhas in both sections emerges in the dark night.

The completion date is the end of this year. The location is next to the main hall of Byodo-in Temple. We will hold an eye-opening ceremony on December 22nd, before Christmas.

We have made this mandala project participatory, with the hope that as many people as possible will get involved. For those who are remotely worshipping online, we send a bamboo mandala making kit by mail and ask them to drill holes at home. We also plan to hold a "Bamboo Mandala Making Workshop" on site. Anyone can become a Buddhist sculptor if they participate.

Due to the need for a large building, we are currently seeking collaborators. For those who support us with at least one share, we will send a bamboo mandala production kit to those who wish. Let's build the world of Buddha together! *December 22nd will be temporary. The actual building is scheduled to be completed next summer.

The production process will be released sequentially on the following YouTube channel!



Bamboo Mandala


Religious Corporation Byodoji Temple
Cooperation: Channel Ban-kun

Expected Completion Date

December 22, 2023

Location of Construction

Twenty-second temple of Shikoku Pilgrimage
Next to the Main Hall of Byodoji Temple

Purpose of the Mandala

Memorial for New Infectious Disease Victims
World Peace
Regional Development

Target Amount

5 million yen as construction cost

Application Deadline for Support

We are collecting donations for the construction costs of the structure until the end of July 2024.


We will construct two structures, each 6m high and 6m wide. Two Bamboo Mandalas will be installed on the surface wall.

On the right is the Taizo Life Mandala, and on the left is the Diamond Realm Mandala. Both are Dharma Mandalas that represent Buddha in characters.

The bamboo panel is 10cm square. We will use over 6000 panels for the two Mandalas.

  • Course A: Bamboo Mandala Making Kit

    5,000 yen or more per share

    For those who support us with one or more shares, we will send a Bamboo Mandala making kit according to your wish and the number of shares (sent sequentially from the end of September). Sanskrit characters are laser-branded on the surface of the 10cm square bamboo panel. Please drill holes along it and send it back. You are welcome to write your name and wishes, etc. on the back.

  • Course B: Engrave your name on a nameplate

    30,000 yen or more for 6 shares

    We will inscribe your name on a plaque to be placed next to the Bamboo Mandala and leave it for eternity (only for those who wish).

  • Course C: Erect a Stone Pillar!

    500,000 yen or more for 100 shares

    In addition to the above, we will erect a stone pillar on the precincts and engrave your name on it for eternity (only for those who wish). Company names are also possible.

First prototype

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Flow of Bamboo Mandala Production

Preparation Period
During this period, we will produce 10cm square bamboo panels (about 6000). We will create a Mandala with digital data and brand it with a laser printer. The blueprint for the structure is already completed.

Bamboo Panel Production

Channel Ban-kun will mainly produce 10cm square bamboo panels. The work of cutting out, drying, and degreasing is quite heavy labor.


Create a Digital Data Mandala

We will create data for branding the bamboo with a laser printer.

Preparation for Structure Construction

The blueprints are already completed. We will proceed with meetings with construction companies and others.

Recruiting Supporters

As the costs required for erection are covered by donations, recruiting supporters is very important. We look forward to your cooperation🙏

Late November to early December
Production Period
We will drill holes in the bamboo panel and create the Buddha of the Mandala. At the same time, we will start constructing the structure.

Sending the Bamboo Mandala Making Kit

During this period, we will send a Bamboo Mandala making kit to supporters who wish. Please drill holes at home using an impact driver, etc., and send it back (reply letter pack enclosed).

Holding a Bamboo Mandala Workshop

During this period, we will hold a Bamboo Mandala making workshop at Byodoji Temple using weekends and holidays. If you come to the temple, you can get involved in the production of Buddha after receiving an explanation.

Construction of the Structure

It has been decided to construct a temporary structure with local volunteers. The actual building is aimed for around next summer.

December 22, 2023
Eye-opening Ceremony and Lighting Ceremony
On December 22nd of Reiwa 5, we will conduct the opening ceremony of the Bamboo Mandala and hold our first lighting ceremony. You can see it during Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve, and the first shrine visit of the year.

Eye-opening Ceremony

It is a grand ceremony by multiple monks. The bamboo mandala lights up with the sound of the New Year's Eve bell, illuminating the dark night.

To Illuminate the Region
After the completion of the bamboo mandala, it will be lit every evening. It will be used not only as a light of prayer but also as one of the tourist resources illuminating the region.

Anan, the City of Bamboo and Light

The town of Shino, Anan City, Tokushima Prefecture, where Byodoji Temple is located, is famous for its bamboo shoots. It was once the largest exporter to Osaka, and even now, Shino and Anan bamboo shoots are famous. Also, Nichia Corporation, which invented the blue light-emitting diode for the first time in the world, originated in Shino town. The bamboo mandala to be erected at Byodoji Temple, one of the 88 places of Shikoku's historical and cultural heritage, will be one of the representative tourist resources of Anan, the city of light.

Night Pilgrimage

Anan City, visited by hundreds of thousands of pilgrims each year, does not have tourist resources that can attract visitors at night. Centered on the bamboo mandala, we will create new tourist resources with the local volunteers.

Regular Updates

The bamboo mandala will regularly update the bamboo panels due to their durability. Each time, we will cut out new bamboo, which will help maintain the neglected bamboo forest.

Message from the Chief Priest

Overcoming New Infectious Diseases
and World Peace

Finally, an explanation of the purpose of establishing the Bamboo Mandala. Something I want to share with everyone.

The Beginning

Hello everyone,

I am Shinryo Taniguchi, the chief priest of Byodoji Temple.

Our temple was founded 1200 years ago by Kobo Daishi Kukai and is one of the 88 places in Shikoku (the 22nd temple). The number of pilgrims visiting the 88 places is about 100,000 a year, and in recent years, people from all over the world have been visiting.

However, in the past three years, the number of pilgrims has drastically decreased. As you all know, this is due to the impact of the new infectious disease.

In hindsight, I was naive to think that if I waited, the pilgrims would come, so Byodoji Temple has been focusing on religious activities for those who come.

As a result, no one came. I was very troubled.

The role of a temple is to interact with people and make them feel at peace, even a little. So, what should we do?

So, for the time being, I thought I'd give it a try and started live streaming so that people could worship online. There were more people in trouble than I thought, and the number of viewers gradually increased.


As I continued to interact with those of you who were watching the live broadcast, the idea of creating something together came up.

Actually, three years ago, we thought it would be nice to make a mandala out of bamboo! After various discussions, this time, with the help of Channel Van-kun and local volunteers, we finally got into this shape.

Memorial Service in the Corona Disaster

You may have forgotten, but when the state of emergency was declared, people who were infected with the new infectious disease died, and their families were cremated and then held a funeral without being able to take their last look. I am a big fan of Ken Shimura, but even such a famous person was the same.

Also, at ordinary funerals, it has become common for only family members to participate. Since there were hardly any obituaries in the newspaper, in extreme cases, it seems that there were cases where people did not know that the person next door had died until a month had passed.

There were also people who had not seen their parents' faces in the facility and met them for the first time in a long time in a portrait.

Every time I heard such a story, I felt frustrated and helpless as a religious person, wondering if there was anything more I could do.

Significance of the Mandala

The bamboo mandala we are building this time is a memorial mandala.

All over the world, many people have lost their lives and families due to the new infectious disease. There are still people who are suffering from aftereffects. There must have been people who suffered various secondary damages, such as economic effects.

With the desire to make everyone's hearts a little more peaceful, we have decided to build a mandala this time.

A mandala is a picture where many Buddhas and gods gather together, and it is said that just looking at it will eliminate all disasters.

When completed, it will be a huge object with a height of 6m and a width of 6m. Two of them. Please imagine the scene where light overflows from such a large object. I can't wait for it.

I hope that those who receive the light of this Buddha will feel a little more peaceful.

Prayer for Regional Revitalization and World Peace

This mandala will be created in collaboration with many people. Let's create one thing together with everyone in the community, pilgrims from all over the world, those who watch the broadcast, and everyone from small children to middle-aged men and women.

After completion, I would like to propose various initiatives to make it a region where more people will visit. I have already received such voices. I am grateful.

Conflicts continue in some areas, but like a mandala where Buddhas are all getting along, I pray from the lower right of Shikoku that it will lead to world peace even a little.

We look forward to your cooperation. Gassho


第26世住職 谷口 真梁