Current achievement rate

220,000 pieces
Homa Donations

We will engrave your name on the nameplate.

We have decided to solicit donations for Goma's equipment (including Goma wood) and the canopy of the principal idol. Although it is expensive at 22,000 yen per unit, we will engrave the name on the name plate from one unit and will be dedicated to the precincts for a long time. If you helped chop wood, we will engrave your name even if it is 0, so please tell us the name you want to engrave.

Announcement of new canopy and name plate construction to commemorate the application of the 220,000 Homa

We are soliciting donations to make the canopy of the Bhaisajyaguru Buddha (Yakushi Nyorai).

22,000 yen per unit. The name will be engraved on the name plate (the precincts of the Heikeji Temple) that will be erected in commemoration from one mouth. You can check the canopy to be installed in the future on YouTube.

Recruitment period

From February 2nd to February 22nd, 2022


Target 220 units


1 unit 22,000 yen

Your name will be engraved on the nameplate (pictograms require consultation, maybe you can use them).

The name will appear on the end roll after the end of the 220,000 Homa.

Applicants will also be posted on the donor list page that will be opened at a later date (posted with the name you applied for, any handle name is acceptable).

If you helped chop wood, we will engrave your name on the nameplate from 0, so please feel free to tell us.


  • We will make a new Buddhist canopy for the main buddha, Bhaisajyaguru (Yakushi Nyorai).
  • The money will be used for various goma materials.
  • Depending on the number of people gathered, we will also set up a canopy over the Gomadan.

Purification donation application

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