It is an introduction page of the guideline and summary site about the online community formed in Byodoji Online.


Community Guidelines

The community guidelines are intended to explain what is and is not permitted online at Byodoji Temple so that everyone can use it comfortably. If you see a message that seems to violate the rules, please report it using the contact form.

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Web contents distribution guidelines by visitors

It is a guideline that summarizes visitors should be careful about when live-streaming the situation at Byodoji Temple and posting/publishing movies and still photos on SNS Etc. It is even more than ordinary content when a third party publishes religious content (such as a ritual). The prohibitions in these guidelines are apparent, so please observe them.

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Server Guide for Discord

Discord is a chat communication service. Originally developed for gamers, it has now become a platform that supports the exchange of information in many communities. Byodoji also has a Byodoji server on Discord, so please join us.


Notion "Hakusui Journal"

Notion is an information sharing service that participants can edit. At Byodoji Notion, various information about Byodoji Online is collected by volunteers, so please have a look.